Head-end Monitoring System


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Head-end Monitoring System DESCRIPTION

Head-end Monitoring System, HMS, provides digital TV operators with a convenient way to monitor their digital programs either within the head-end system or after the head-end system. The input sources can be either a fixed/real-time TS stream or IP stream. System easily integrates with iMosaic, TS analyzer, Channel Zapper and Logo insertion. System supports multi-site, multi-user administration with security and password authentication. HMS provides an advanced end-to-end video and audio quality monitoring and QoS monitoring solution for pay TV operators (Cable/Satellite/IPTV). For large television distribution networks, HMS offers the ability to monitor thousands of channels and devices effectively using rich graphical representations and intelligent alarms management. Operators can monitor a large number of channels effortlessly and across wide areas of the network using monitoring by exception to focus on specific areas that require attention. The ability to correlate, verify and visualize channel delivery and performance helps television service providers become proactive in delivering quality service to their customers and achieve zero down time.