LabSquare For ADL

Short Description

  • Lab Square is paperless general solution for pharma and chemical manufacturing industries.
  • Solution is providing with validation and it cover all the point of 21 CFR part 11 compliance.
  • Lab Square is fully customized and user-friendly software solution
  • Lab Square is having different modules that can serve different departments.

Labs Square for ADL

  • This module covers all R&D Projects creation, Sample generations, ADL lab Samples received and Sample test release.
  • This covers log book of R&D and ADL labs.
  • This module covers more than 12 reports.


Instrument Log

  • Create New Entry
  • Continue Entry
  • Completed Entry
  • Detail log


  • Sample Test
  • Accepted ADL Sample
  • Completed ADL Sample
  • Completed ADL Sample Log


  • Project Master
  • Project Sample Master
  • Sample Test
  • Sample Test Accepted
  • Sample Test Completed


Instrument Report

  • Instrument
  • Instrument Duration
  • List Of Instrument
  • Instrument Occupancy

Column Report

  • Column Uses Log
  • Discarded Columns
  • Receipt and issuance
  • Column history

User Report

  • User Report

Instrument Log Report

  • Instrument Report
  • Product

ADL Report

  • Sample Completed Report