LabSquare For GLP

Short Description

  • Lab Square is paperless general solution for pharma and chemical manufacturing industries.
  • Solution is providing with validation and it cover all the point of 21 CFR part 11 compliance.
  • Lab Square is fully customized and user-friendly software solution
  • Lab Square is having different modules that can serve different departments.

Labs Square for GLP

  • This module covers all the GLP records entries.
  • This module covers User Management, SOP Indexing Register with SOP Master, Review and SOP absolute.
  • Preventive maintenance of instrument with its maintenance schedule.
  • Instrument calibration register with its schedule.
  • Analyst validation schedule.
  • Standard vial consumption with sample entry, vial filling, vial consumption and its standard log.
  • This module contains more than 25 log Reports.



  • SOP master
  • Review
  • Absolute
  • SOP Setting

Preventive Maintainance

  • Preventive Maintainance
  • Preventive History


  • Calibration
  • Calibration History

Analyst Validation

  • Analyst Validation
  • Remove Analyst Validation


  • Standard Code
    • Setting
    • Standard Code
  • Sample Entry
  • Sample Entry List
  • Vail Fillup
  • Vail Consumption
  • Standard Log
    • PrimaryReference Standard
    • Impurity Standard
    • Working Standard
    • Intermediate Standard
    • RawMaterial Standard
    • GC Standard
  • Vail Consumption Detail


  • Training Master
  • Complete Training History
  • Training No Format
  • Employee Personal Details


SOP Report

  • SOP
  • SOP Review
  • SOP Absolute
  • SOP Due

Preventive Maintainance Report

  • Preventive
  • Preventive History
  • Preventive Maintainance Due

Calibration Report

  • Calibration
  • Calibration History
  • Calibration History Due

Analyst Validation Report

  • Analyst Validation
  • Remove Analyst Validation

Standard Sample Report

  • Vail Consumption Report
  • GC Standard List
  • Primary Reference Standard List
  • Raw Material Standard List
  • Working Standard List
  • Intermediate Standard List
  • Impurity Reference Standard List

Training History Report

  • Training History

Training AttenDance Report

  • Training AttenDance