About the Organization

User can their own task with multiple logs.
User can view all the task.
generate real-time user report.

Key Objectives

  • User can see their details with start attendance
  • User can modify their own task with multiple logs
  • User can assign task to another user
  • User can apply for their leave

Project Requirements

  • Easy back-end administration
  • User can view their own details and modify the details
  • Admin can management all the user

User can view their own details and modify the details.Admin manage all task with view user details.

The Solution

Digi-Task are designed to better measure, analyze and manage employees’ working hours and deploy human resources more effectively.

The Results

A fully automated employee time and attendance tracking. Complex employee scheduling and task management. Mobile Workforce management that works from any location and device.
Absence Management, PTO and sick days tracking. Job costing per departments and task management. Customizable real-time report generation. More efficient payroll administration>