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Category : Mobile Application

Location : India

Intro :

IIT can help manage daily inventory inspection and 3rd party audits with improved speed and consistency. Our solution presents the correct template for the selected product and enables faster completion online or on mobile devices such as smartphones.

Project Requirements :

  • Inadequate inspection processes result in increased returns and loss of productivity.
  • Those owning a franchise are not able to keep a track of stocked items.
  • Paper checklists and other manual processes impede the speed and accuracy of inspections performed by employees or third party auditors.

Main Expertise :

1. Real time insights on inventory count

2. Site Audit App

Digitize paper , excel and informal audit workflows, a single platform with

  • Mobile enabled Audit
  • Real-time visibility
  • Integrated Task Management

3. How it works?

Upload client inventory as per books
Create audit and allocate to all users
Monitor audits from single dashboard

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